Klimate High Speed Doors is just one of the trading divisions of BID Group Ltd. Whilst Klimate specialise in the installation, repair and maintenance of high speed doors, there are other divisions that can help with your other requirements:


Bolton Industrial Doors

This is where it all began back in 1985. Bolton Industrial Doors have engineers trained in all types of industrial door and manufacture doors as well as the standard repair services offered by all the divisions.


Lycetts Industrial Doors

In 2000 BID acquired Lycetts as a going concern. Based in Stoke-On-Trent, Lycetts were and continue to be a leading name in Industrial Doors throughout the area, since the takeover the area which Lycetts covers has grown to include the Midlands area of England and into England.


Lowland Doors

Lowland Doors was acquired by the group in 2012 to be able to offer the same levels of service to customers throughout Scotland as expereinced in England. Lowland were already a well established company throughout the Scottish teretories and have continued to build on their reputation of providing quality workmanship but with the backing of BID Group. Lowland engineers are actually trained in the installation of the Klimate High Speed Doors and carry out the majority of installations north of the border.


Perimeter Security Maintainence

PSM was formed to concentrate on the installation, repair and service to all types of gate, barrier and turnstile. Since its formation business has thrived and customers have become used to expecting the highest levels of service possible. A number of clients have approched PSM for special projects that have required bespoke solutions, which, although not anticipated when the division was formed has become a large part of the success.


BID South

The newest of all the trading divisions, BID South was set up in late 2015 on the back of the group being awarded some large contracts in the south of England. Traditionally BID have been most active in the north and midlands but when the opportunity to expand southwards appeared it did not take long to realise that it was too good to turn down.