With safety features such as the bottom rail safety edge system and damage limitations tabs, the stainless steel high speed door helps reduce down time and call out charges with their simplistic and easy replaceable nature.


Stainless steel high speed door from Klimate installed at Wensleydale Dairies


The Ardent stainless steel completes the Ardent range. As with all Klimate high speed doors the stainless steel door is also efficient, whilst helping to maintain a constant temperature and including all the features of the Ardent high speed door.


The Ardent Stainless Steel High speed door is ideal where hygiene is a necessity e.g. food manufacturers, as the door is designed with sloped canopies, to prevent dust accumulation, and has an easy cleanable surface.


Key Features


  • Stainless steel control panel, bottom rail and canopy for easy cleaning
  • Sloping canopy preventing the collection of dust
  • Designed to be hosed down on a regular basis


Recommended Usage

The Ardent Stainless Steel is a specially designed high speed door for applications where demands on hygiene are high.




Download our Klimate High Speed Doors brochure here.