K2 Freezer Door Specification

The full Specification for the K2 Freezer Door is now available through the Klimate Website.

The design of the K2 door with its “off the shelf” components makes it reliable and simple to maintain. These doors will help to improve traffic flow and minimise variation in temperatures which in turn will reduce costly energy loss and therefore improve the efficiency of your freezer. In addition to this the K2 Freezer door itself is energy efficient as it only requires a 20 Amp supply.

As well as the obvious operation speed of the door being up to 1.5 m/s other features include: An air defrost system which ensures the door remains ice and condensation free. Hinged, re-settable breakaway tabs which reduce the risk of severe damage to the bottom rail in the event of impact. New generation, programmable diagnostic control panel with LED screen which shows the current status of the door.
As with all High Speed Doors from Klimate; a full technical support team is at hand to offer advice and guidance when the need arises at no extra cost.

View Full Specification Here