Karro Foods - Investing In High Speed Door Technology

Karro Food Group is a relatively new business built on longstanding foundations. Karro was launched as a privately owned company in January 2013 following the purchase of Vion Food Group’s UK pork division by private equity company Endless and Karro’s existing management team. They are headquartered in Malton, North Yorkshire, and employ circa 3,000 people across their national operations.


Karro Food Group is one of Britain’s leading pork processors. They supply fresh pork, cured and cooked meats such as bacon and ham to retail, foodservice and manufacturing customers across the UK. They operate through integrated farming, slaughter and processing operations from nine sites across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland, processing circa 45,000 pigs each week for the UK’s major supermarkets and wholesale markets, with full supply chain visibility. Their pork is eaten by millions of consumers every year, and is stocked across the country by leading retailers.

During a recent refurbishment the need for a new cold storage facility was identified as being a priority and the people at Karro Foods got in touch with Demeva Refrigeration Ltd who specialise in all types of frozen and chilled food areas. Over recent years Demeva have been using high speed doors supplied by Klimate due to their robust construction, efficient delivery and installation service and high levels of reliability. When Karro Foods requested doors that were not only fast in operation but would not gather ice in cold environments the obvious choice was the K2 high speed freezer door.

Dino Schiaffonati; Engineering Manager of Karro Food Group;

It is very useful to us that if the doors fail for any reason then most faults can be rectified by my own team. This will not only mean our operation can continue to run at the desired rate but we will not be faced with any unexpected charges. We specified doors which were not only quick but suitable for the openings, Demeva and Klimate delivered on these requirement”.

The K2 high speed freezer door can not only open at speeds of 1.5 m/s but can have standard repairs carried out by on site personnel backed by the Klimate technical support. Heated air is fed from a fan through the side guide heaters into the gap between the doors twin curtain and up through the canopy. This process prevents ice from forming on the door surfaces and due to only a 20Amp isolator being required is much more energy efficient than other similar doors that are available.


In addition to installing four of the K2 High Speed Freezer doors the job also called for two completely new loading bays. As Klimate is part of the BID Group everything that Karro Foods needed could be done in one project. The BID engineers therefore installed dock levellers, sectional doors, dock shelters and dock buffers to the exterior of the building over a couple of days. Due to BID Group having a number of trading divisions they are also able to offer a full package on gates, barriers, turnstiles and automatic entrance doors.




For more details on the Karro Food Group, why not take a look at their website or give them a call +44 (1653) 693 031.