Trevon – Investing in their future with High Speed Doors.

Trevon Industrial Finishers Ltd, based in Colne just outside of Burnley is a family run business which is celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2015 and is a service first partner of Akzo Nobel. Run by father and son; Trevor and Jon Crabtree the business is experiencing significant growth and investment.


For a number of years their factory unit has been subject to the elements and in particular the wind due to its location adjacent to the Lancashire Pennines. They have toyed with solutions including strip curtains and various door types but nothing has provided a sufficient long term solution. Then, during a visit to a customer in 2014 they had their first experience with a high speed door. The site had a number of high speed doors in place and was only too happy to give Trevon a demonstration of how the doors worked and why they used them.  

Trevor and Jon both agreed that high speed doors were a possible solution to their ongoing problems so they got in touch with BID Group to ask about the Klimate range of doors. They looked at other companies that offered similar products but due to the fact that they had seen the Klimate doors in operation and they were relatively local it was decided that they would invest in two of the doors initially.

When asked what their early thoughts were on the doors both Trevor & Jon were unanimous in their answer;

The doors serve a number of purposes to us, not only do they provide a barrier to the wind, rain and cold they look great and help to improve the professional appearance of the business. In our line of business it is crucially important that we control the circulation of air within the building to prevent cross contamination, the high speed doors help in doing this massively. Another added benefit which we didn’t foresee at the outset is that due to the clear vision panel in the curtain it allows for greater levels of natural light to enter the building and makes the general working environment much nicer and pleasant”.

Trevon have also visited the manufacturing base of BID Group since the doors have been installed to see for themselves the work that goes into the production of the doors and in particular how the metal work is powder coated as this is what they specialise in. They were able to provide some very useful feedback that will go to improve the process of powder coating which will ultimately benefit all of the BID group customers and the staff internally.

Another couple of openings have already been earmarked for high speed doors in the future and BID Group look forward to helping with any requirements that may arise.