High Speed Door at British Car AuctionsEstablished in 1987, Klimate is one of the UK’s leading Rapid Roll Door designers and manufacturers. The High speed automatic opening and closing of the doors not only provides valuable energy saving by maintaining room temperature, but also reduces contamination due to airborne pollution and ingress of vermin. The working environment is also improved by controlling the traffic flow; easing vehicle access on frequently used doors and also helps to reduce noise levels.




With Rapid Roll Fast Acting Doors, safety is of paramount importance. As standard, all our UK manufactured Rapid Roll Doors are supplied with two sets of safety photocells and an extremely sensitive electric safety edge – Both items are constantly monitored, providing an instantaneous stop/reverse feature, should there be an obstruction.




Blue high speed door curatin with Green steelwork

The door’s high-speed is variable up to 2 meters per second, adjustable through the control panel and also enables soft acceleration/deceleration feature. Methods of actuation include: Induction loops, Radio, Infra-red transmitters and Radar.


All Klimate Rapid Roll Fast Acting Doors are characterised by their low maintenance technology and low repair cost, highlighted by the ‘crash-out’ feature which minimises cost and downtime due to vehicle impact.




Trusted &Reliable

Being a UK manufacturer, we can also guarantee reliability under high usage, with immediate accessibility to all replacement component parts.

Klimate’s unique range of high speed doors are already installed in over 1500 leading manufacturing and storage sites throughout the UK. Together, the full range of high speed doors ensure a clean and safe environment, maintaining environmental standards.




Klimate Fast Acting Rapid Roll Doors are tailor-made to our clients’ requirements and can be used in conjunction with conveyors and zoned areas. They can be manufactured from stainless steel and oversize doors are available.