The Ardent High Speed door is a huge contributor to the prolonged success of Klimate High Speed doors and the whole of BID Group.


With its distinguishing appearance the Ardent is a popular choice for many organisations in a number of differing sectors.


The Ardent has adjustable opening and closing speeds, wireless safety edge, and the option of every type of actuation e.g. induction loops, which are ideal for openings with high volumes of vehicular traffic.


Key Benefits


  • Maintains constant temperature, significantly reducing costs
  • Damage Limitation Tabs significantly limit impact repair costs
  • Bottom Rail Safety Edge and two Photocell safety beams providing vehicular and pedestrian safety
  • Adjustable opening speeds up to 1.5 m/s
  • Latest Inverter technology. Smooth action reducing mechanical wear and tear
  • Windbar System designed to suit location wind load; up to gale force 10
  • Self-Diagnostic control panel, minor faults easily identified and rectified on site


Recommended Usage


The Ardent is intended for use in external locations. Complete with crash resistant feature, the high speed door has manual reset after impact.


Recommended Size of Opening


Up to 5 metres wide and 5 metres high.


Safety Features


  • Two 24v AC Photo-electric safety beams (constantly monitored) are refitted providing a closing safety device.
  • An electrical transmitter / receiver monitored safety edge system is fitted to the bottom rail providing an instantaneous stop/reverse feature should the bottom rail come into contact with an object before it reaches the floor. The safety edge is also constantly monitored and programmable.
  • A crank handle can be fitted to the bottom of the motor for manual operation.
  • A clear PVC vision panel is fitted into the door curtain at eye level to warn of any oncoming traffic.


CE Conformity


All doors conform to CE Marketing Regulations, see "The Supply of Machinery CE Conformity Regulations 1992". All KLIMATE doors are manufactured to the European standard EN 12453:2000, copies are available on request.


Site Requirements


A three phase earth & neutral isolator to the side of the opening, fed from a 16A C rated circuit breaker, to be made available 1m from the door opening to the drive side of the motor.


Warranty / Guarantee


12 Months or 500,000 cycles, parts and labour excluding damage not caused by normal operation.




Download our Klimate High Speed Doors brochure here.