K2 Freezer Door


The Klimate K2 is a high-speed freezer door designed to be installed on the freezer or chill side of a doorway. The Klimate K2 will maintain the freezer / chill temperature when closed, with its air defrost system and double door curtain. Its twin barrel construction with off the shelf components makes it reliable and simple to maintain.



The door curtain is made of a 2 ply polyester mono-filament material with lateral stability, this forms a double curtain with a 50mm air gap. Each leaf is 2mm thick with a weight of 2 Kg/m². The curtains are available in a range of colours, all with a matt finish that:




Constructed from twin 127mm O/D mild steel tubes with machined blocks at each end incorporating high-speed bearings synchronised via heavy duty chain drives at each side with trans torque sprockets.




The bottom rail is manufactured from 4mm thick box section to give high impact resistance with outer covers fitted. A fully monitored wireless safety edge is fitted to the bottom rail forming a continuous door seal. All doors are also fitted with two 24v AC photo-electric safety beams providing a closing safety device.


Actuation Options


  • Induction Loop Vehicle Detectors
  • Remote Push Buttons
  • Pull Switches
  • Key Fob / Hand Held / Fork Truck Mounted Transmitter Units
  • Radar Movement Detectors
  • Remote Photo-electric Cells.



Key Benefits


  • Has Good Insulation Qualities
  • Resists Air Currents
  • Remains Ice & Condensation Free
  • Provides a Sound Barrier
  • Has Low Running Costs




Download our Klimate High Speed Doors brochure here.


Download The Full Specification Here


K2 High Speed Freezer Door